Toys Do Live Forever (in landfill)


What is The GREEN KID?

The Green Kid  is a sustainable toy certification ‘kitemark’ to help parents and children identify and avoid toys that damage the environment.

We aim to change parents and children's attitudes to toys through targeted 'toy stunt' campaigns, in-school education and the promotion of sustainable toys. 

Why? Because the toy industry is massive  and so is the negative impact it is having on the environment. It hit $20.36 billion in sales in the US and £3.2 billion in the UK alone last year and shows no sign of slowing down.

The environmental issues of toys are many and include:

• Toys are designed to be short-lived and are easily broken and discarded soon after purchase.

• Toys are typically made from plastic, of which oil, a non-renewable resource, is the main component.

• Approximately 75% of the world’s toys are produced in China. Most toys sold in the western world have therefore travelled great distances from where they are manufactured to our homes, which isn’t without environmental impact in itself.

• Toys generate significant packaging waste (think boxes boxes, ties to hold the toy in place and plastic wrapping) which is discarded as soon as the toy is opened.

• Many modern toys rely on batteries to run… and these are an environmental issue in themselves.

The toys that children play with today will invariably end up in landfill, and will still be there when that same kids' great great grandchildren begin buying and playing with toys. 

We want parents and children to become more aware of the future consequences of the toys they buy today, and we aim to help them do that by identifying toys which do not damage the planet for the children of the future.